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2011 ~ present
  • Constructed Solid Wire Plant in Vietnam
  • Constructed Ballast Water Management System Plant in Korea
  • Established Hyundai Welding Russia, Germany, Brazil, Chile, & Indonesia
2001 ~ 2010
  • Constructed Stick Electrode, Solid Wire, Submerged Arc Welding Wire & Flux, & Flux Cored Wire Plant in Kunshan, China
  • Constructed Flux Cored Wire Plant in Vietnam
  • Constructed Flux Cored Wire Plant in Gochang, South Korea
  • Established Hyundai Welding India, Philippines, Thailand, Netherlands, Turkey, & Vietnam
  • ISO 14000 certified
1991 ~ 2000
  • Established Hyundai Welding China, Singapore, Europe, USA, Australia, Canada, & South Africa
  • Produced Stainless Steel Electrodes in Pohang, South Korea
  • Constructed Welding Equipment Plant in Icheon, South Korea
  • ISO 9002 Certified


1981 ~ 1990
  • Introduced Low Fume Electrodes in South Korea
  • Constructed a Flux Cored Wire Plant
  • Established Hyundai Welding Japan
1975 ~ 1980
  • Constructed Stick Electrode Plant in Pohang, a major steel city, In South Korea followed by a Submerged
    Arc Welding Wire Plant, a Solid Wire Plant and a Submerged Arc Flux Plant
  • Company established in South Korea