Company Introduction

We appreciate you visiting the Hyundai Welding website.

Since our establishment in 1975, Hyundai Welding has been producing high-quality welding consumables through continuous research and development, along with, active investment in cutting-edge manufacturing facilities. Now, we are No.1 in the domestic market, as well as,globally being recognized as the World's Best Welding Company.
In addition, Hyundai Welding has developed and supplies the latest welding equipment, such as, digital inverter welding machines suitable for a variety of industries, as well as, our new eco-friendly business, BWTS.

We will continue to cultivate talent by accepting challenges and by innovating. Moreover, we will achieve innovation in quality and R&D through the development of the latest welding equipment. We will provide better services and welding solutions to all of our customers across all industries - Shipbuilding, Offshore, Heavy Industries, Plants, Automotive, Construction, Pipelines, and Green Energy.

Hyundai Welding has always put high value on customer-centered management and a challenging spirit. We will always endeavor to be a company that fulfills dreams with our customers.

Hyundai Welding sincerely wants to thank it's customers for their continued interest and support.

Hyundai Welding CEO