Business Introduction

Hyundai Welding's Pohang R&D Center is focused on developing welding solutions that can immediately meet all of our customers' needs.
Since its inception in 1977, Hyundai Welding has contributed to the industrial development of South Korea by researching and developing electrode arc welding materials, submerged arc welding materials (SAW), solid wires (GMAW), flux cored wires (FCW), TIG wires, nickel alloy steel and other welding materials. We develop our technology by securing databases of major end-users via our foreign branches.

Furthermore, we continue to develop new welding materials and secure product reliability through systemic cooperation with state-run research institutes. Based on our accumulated know-how, we have developed welding materials that are high-functioning, eco-friendly, and highly efficient. We strive to become a company that moves closer to our customers with our customer-tailored services - AS/BS and technical support. Our research institute is committed to improving productivity and product quality, developing new products that meet the customer's needs, and develop welding materials that can effectively adapt to global market changes.